best time of day to take photo outside

What is the Best Time of Day to Take Pictures Outside

Photography is how you are going to play with lights There is a great impact of light on the quality of pictures. Photographers use maximum natural light with different angles in different slots of the day by adjusting the light setting of the camera so they can create amazing photos golden hour is considered to be one of the best times for outdoor photos.

What is Natural Light?

Natural light photography refers to the practice of using available light from the sun as the main light source for a photograph rather than using artificial lightings such as flash or studio lights.

Photographers often use natural light in combination with other techniques, such as adjusting the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, to achieve the desired results.

Natural light photography can be challenging because it is often unpredictable and can change rapidly. Still, it can also be very rewarding if the photographer examines the sunset, sunrise locations, and timings before the shoot.

What’s the Golden Hour

Best time of day to take pictures is the golden hour The 1 hour period after sunrise and before sunset is the time when the light is warm this is considered to be the best time of day to take pictures outside because the light is diffused and soft At many locations during the whole year, this golden hour is one hour before or after sunset.

The golden hour is also known as the “magic hour” because it can create a sense of mystery in photographs. During this time, shadows are often long, and the colors in the sky can range from soft pinks and oranges to deep reds and purples. Photographers usually try to schedule their shoots around the golden hour time of day to take advantage of the beautiful, natural light. Nicer colors can be obtained in pictures using soft light and this is consider to be the best time of day to take pictures outside.

Best Time of Day to Take Pictures Outside
Best Time of Day to Take Pictures Outside

Different Types of Lights

Here are some other different types of light you must know if you are a photographer.

Blue Hours:Right next to golden hours are blue hours. During these hours, the textures of photos are usually blue or greyish.

If you want to take photos during blue hours, always choose a location where the view of the sky is clear, and also use the exact setting which matches your criteria.

Tips for Blue Hour Photography

  • Experiment with different views, including landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits
  • To capture a larger scene area, use wide angle lens
  • Add reflections in your shoots
  • Use a slow shutter speed for blur in the image
  • Set the white balance setting in the camera to create the blue effect
when is the best time to take photos outside
when is the best time to take photos outside

Challenges of Golden Hour Photography

Catching the golden hour is a challenging task. There is a lot of understanding of the direction and composition of light.

Another factor is the contrasting and light adjustment of the background and sharpening of the image. If the background is very strong, the image will be lost, or it can create problems for the camera to understand the background and the actual image.

Lightning can create an intense or harsh shadow on an object’s face. Front light can cause features of an image to be one-dimensional with no shadow. In this case, Change your location or wait for the perfect light.

Weather can also be challenging when shooting golden hours photos clouds, rain, and wind can also affect the outdoor photo.

In order to get the advantage of maximum golden time prior, visit the location, take some photos, check effects, and notice the timing and direction of light.
There is shot Spain and rapid light change, so don’t waste your time changing locations or dresses in order to avail best time of day to take pictures outside.

Tips for Golden hour Photography

Avoid backlight: if the sunlight is behind, it can create a silhouette effect and always keep the light front or on the side.
Manual mode: as there is an abrupt change in light intensity and direction, using manual mode will help you to adjust according to current changes.
Lens hood: in order to get a great photo by avoiding flare, use a lens hood.
Object distance keeps a smaller distance between the object and the camera; the closer the object helps capture the exact textures of the face and the dress.

Object distance: keeps a smaller distance between the object and the camera; the closer the object helps capture the exact textures of the face and the dress.

  • Proper schedule timing.
  • Pre-visit the location to grab golden hours.
  • Keep all equipment tripod and lights.

Time just before sunset and after sunrise is the golden time

Midday is considered to be the worst time For outdoor pictures.


The best time of day to take pictures outside is normally considered golden time, but outdoor photography also depends on the type of requirement of the shoot. You can use different colors of light during the whole day to get good results in exterior photos.

After taking photos you can edit photos by using different apps or software like PicsArt etc by using this app you can edit a picture’s backgrounds, Blur Pictures, edit stickers and can many more features and can make pictures amazing and unique.

You can also use different calculators or apps to calculate the good time photos and directions. if you want best time of day to take family photos It is recommended to do a prior visit before the shoot and check the results of photos during different time slots to best use a short window of a golden hour. It will help a lot to get on photo shooting day by choosing the right time.

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