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How to cancel Picsart subscription It very is easy to unsubscribe .Picsart is a photo editing tool used in android pc and iPhone .Picsart provides free trial version for 7 days with limited editing options .Picsart gold subscription is paid but sometimes users want subscription for limited time according to their requirement cancellation is required because of automatic renewal. If you are going to delete account still it will be renewed so subscription cancellation is necessary.

Picsart Cancel Subscription

When you purchase a subscription of picsart you must visit their privacy policy in their policy it is automatically renewed if you do not cancel the subscription.
To avoid any loss, cancel the subscription twenty four hours before renewal.

how to cancel picsart subscription
Unsubscribe Picsart

How to Cancel Picsart Subscription

There are two methods of cancellation of subscription depending on from where you buy the subscription .
1-Google play store or App store
2-From the website

How to Cancel picsart subscription on Android

How to Cancel Picsart Subscription

Turn on your mobile open google play store app

  • Open the account which is linked to the Picsart subscription.
  • From the options open the 3rd payment and subscription option
  • A list of subscription will be open select picsart
  • Select cancel subscription option.

After cancellation You can still use the picsart for duration of subscription for which you have paid

How to Cancel Picsart subscription iPhone

Open the app from your iPhone.

Select setting option from app.

how do i cancel my picsart subscription

Click your Id icon or name.

Select iTunes from the options and click apple id and choose view apple ID.

how to cancel picsart free trial

Check the history View all accounts which are subscribed and just cancel picsart subscription.

Picsart Cancel subscription in iphone
how to cancel subscription in picsart

How to Cancel Picsart Subscription on Mac

For picsart subscription cancellation on mac follow the following steps.

  • Open the Mac APP store.
  • Sign in Click your Id icon.
  • Scroll and Check the subscription option click to manage.
  • Open Picsart photo and video editing option and click on the option to cancel subscription.

Always remember the subscription id and password in order to remember how to unsubscribe from picsart.

How To Remove Card after Subscription

Many of the websites save user information and all details so it is not easy to remove cards after purchasing .You can apply the following trick of virtual Nayapay card whenever you are going to attach your card for online purchasing.

  • Download Nayapay app from google play store.
  • Launch the app and create an account by providing all necessary information.
  • Activate your account.\Go to the Website or play store for picsart purchase and attach your virtual card.

You can remove this virtual card three days before the deadline. As this card is not linked to any bank account so it is safe to use .

How to Delete PicsArt Account

If you want to try another photo and video editing application and want to delete the picsart so here are the steps.

  1. Go to the web picsart or open an app from your mobile.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. From the profile open edit profile option.
  4. Select delete profile from the menu.
  5. For permanent picsart account delete again select delete from the sub menu.

You can write an email on the picsart contact page and request them to delete the account of picsart.

Picsart Refund

Always first try a free trial and if you are satisfied then purchase picsart gold .After the payment of Picsart of gold there is no policy of refund .

Open the app, select your subscription id from settings and choose picsart and unsubscribe.

There are many reason of purchase Error.
If you are using wrong information of card.
There is error in billing address.
There is no credit in your card.

Final Thoughts

If you have purchased PicsArt subscription so it is necessary to cancel PicsArt subscription before automatic renewal and save your payment.

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