how to make a instagram reel using photos

Super Easy Way How to Make a Reel with Photos for Instagram

Instagram reels are short videos to create content for education and entertainment, and these videos are shared on different social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you have a lot of Instagram followers, then sharing reels on this app gives a really fascinating pleasure!

Followed by that, sharing reels on Insta not merely shows how active you’re on this platform; in fact, you also get spectacular responses from your friends and followers! In a nutshell, sharing reels gives users a thrilling experience! I must say, I’m a colossal fan of this feature. Without taking time, let’s dive into the flabbergast and easiest ways to make reels on Instagram with multiple photos.

Size, Orientation, and Length of the Instagram Reel

The orientation of Instagram videos is vertical, and the size of the Instagram reel is 1080 pixels wide and 1980 pixels tall.

The aspect ratio for Instagram is 9:16. The length of the Instagram reel is 60 seconds; you can create a short video of 60 seconds, or you can join different images and play background music to make a reel with photos.

How to Make a Reel on Instagram With a Photo?

Youtube and Instagram offer to create short video options; now, Instagram is offering to create reels for you can directly record the video, or you can add different photos to create a fantastic reel. It just adds multiple photos, and you can make reels attractive using music.
Instead of using other apps, you can use the Instagram reel option to join all images and create a reel. There are multiple options for music editing from the Instagram library. You can share these reels using MB Whatsapp which provide various features like privacy ,status download, Message edit , avatar creation and animation customization.

How to Make a Reel with Multiple Photos and Music

Use the updated version of Instagram.

To create a new reel, open the camera option from the reels.Click the gallery option from the lower-most left corner.

how to make  a reel with photos
How to make a reel with photos

Click the recent option from the top palate and select the album where you have saved the photos for the reel.

how to make a reel with photos and music
how to make a reel with photos and music

Select the time duration of each photo for which you want to appear a photo in a reel. You can drag the slider right and left to set the time duration of each photo.

Now select the photo which you want to edit in the reel and repeat this process to add multiple photos.

After adding all photos, now add the music of your choice.

How to make a reel with photos on Instagram
How to make a reel with photos on Instagram

Select the preview option if its done press next to share .

How to make a reel with photos instagram
How to make a reel with photos instagram

There is an option for voiceover, or you can add text or stickers to the reel according to your choice. You can also add audio from the other reel by using add audio option.

There are different types of filters in Instagram that are available to use for free Among them, Clarendon is the most used filter to decrease the saturation and contrast to create an awesome look.

You can add a gif to the reel by clicking the sticker option from the search bar. You can search for stickers according to your choice or you can create stickers in picsart.

Different apps are used to edit photos and videos before uploading like Alight Motion Mod Apk using this app you can create visuals and animations.

How to Make a Reel with Photos on Canva

A short video is the best way to promote your content in less time and is the best liked by the Instagram community. Why use canvas which is best canva or picsart ? There are the following plus points to using canva
Free: Canva is free to use; maximum features are available n the free version
Desktop and mobile: there are both mobile and desktop versions of canva. You can create Instagram reels on canvas on the desktop, and later on, you can import them onto your mobile
Design Templates: no need to search for images and templates. There are many free templates that you can use in your Instagram reels.

Steps on How to Make Reels in Canva

How to make a reel with photos and videos

Login canva
Open the canva and log in if you have an account; otherwise, signup into the search box, search type reels, and open the Instagram reels option.
There are many options for reels template; you can use templates according to your requirements.

Set the dimension of the video to 1080 Pixels *1920 pixels. Instagram reels are in a vertical orientation, and the aspect ratio is 9:16

Time Duration
Upload and select images which you want to add to a reel time limit of the Instagram reel are 60 seconds; you can add several images and set the time duration according to your requirement.

Select Images
Drag and drop the image in the canva workspace from add button, and the maximum number of images you can use in a reel is 40 with a 1.5-second delay.

Now search audio and add audio according to your requirement
Drag and drop audio will appear below the images, then set starting and ending duration according to the images.

After applying all the steps, click the download button from the top right palette and save the Instagram reel in the desired location. Set the desired format aspect ratio and resolution according to the Instagram reel.
Your reel is ready for the upload; you can add different effects to the reel after uploading.

You can use the elements from canva to create aesthetics in reels.

Summing up

How to make a reel with photos you can use any method. Instagram

reels are important for branding you can use Canva to make a reel with photos or you you can create reel directly on Instagram using multiple photos.

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