Super Easy Way How to Make Sticker in PicsArt 2023

How to make sticker in picsart is super easy by using PicsArt on android and Pc. If you don’t know how to make stickers in PicsArt still you can do it easily by following simple steps.

make stickers on picsart

Steps How to Make Sticker in Picsart

Open Application

  • Open application Download picsart application and open from your android or pc the interface is like this now interface is ready to make stickers picsart.

Press + icon

  • when the application is opened there is a pink plus icon + showing at the bottom middle of the screen .
how to make my own stickers on picsart
how to make my own stickers on picsart

Select Image

Picsart Allow to create amazing stickers by using your image .For sticker creation select image from lower bottom option using “+” icon.

Cut Out Tool Selection

Select cut out tool from the lower palette.

Select the Person or Object

If it’s any person, select option person from palette when it’s done press button to save it in your stickers gallery use a picsart stickers name now this image is saved as a picsart sticker and you can use this anywhere as a picsart sticker.

How to Make Text sticker in Picsart

How to Make a sticker in Picsart

How to make stickers on picsart for messages is not a big deal. Follow the following steps

  • Launch picsart app and scroll down and search for background if there is any editing requirement you can edit the background.
how to make text sticker in picsart
How to make a text sticker in Picsart
  • Select the required background which you want for picsart text message stickers I am selecting green colour.
how to make text sticker in picsart
how to make text sticker in picsart
  • Select text option and Write down the text I am writing Hii Dear and select check mark , ✔
make picsart sticker bigger
make Picsart sticker

You can apply different filters on these text to make more beautiful you can use other apps like VSCO APK download .This app allow you to create and edit stickers with various features, such as changing the color, adding text, or adding effects..

Text Designing in PicsArt

There are many option and filters which you can apply on

Highlights: different color white red orange and black highlights are given for PicsArt text stickers you can apply highlights on background according to your choice of text here i am applying white.

Spacing : it is used to create space between letters.
Shadow: it is used to create shadow in background of text.
Bend :this option is used to bend text upward and downward you can scroll the bar left and right for upward and downward bending of text stickerPics

PicsArt allows 30 stickers to edit

There is a huge collection of picsart which you can use free.

In my sticker tab you will find your collections of stickers and you can also use premium stickers from premium tab.

Final words

How to make sticker in PicsArt in sticker creating and PicsArt text making there is no need of proper learning just open the Picsart app and follow the options according to your requirement

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