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you want to know how to screenshot picsart ?when you are looking at the screen, if you want to capture the screen you are going to take a screenshot but this is not allowed in many of the apps due to restriction and their policies here you are going to know can you screenshot on android. In PicsArt photo editing when you are applying different editing on photos blur background ,hair png editing, collage making in order to save these photos you can take screenshot by following given steps.

How to Screenshot Picsart
How to Screenshot in Picsart

How to Screenshot PicsArt Steps
how to screenshot on picsart 2022
  • How to take a screenshot on picsart here are the steps by following these steps you come to know how to screenshot on picsart without paying.
  • Open a PicSart application from your mobile.
  • At the lower most right corner click the profile icon.
  • On the profile screen three dots are showing on the top right corner click these dots.
  • By clicking these dots many options appear. Click the settings from the options.
  • From the setting option go to tutorial making option and enable it.
  • Open the main profile now recording option is showing in the options.
  • Go to the home page, press the recording button and start applying different filters according to your need .
  • Press the button again to stop recording and save recording in your gallery.
  • Go to the gallery, open the recording and take picsart screenshot.

By following all these steps it is very easy how to screenshot picsart or how to screenshot picsart premium.

How to bypass PicsArt screenshot?

You can bypass picsart screenshots by following the above steps given in how to screenshot picsart.

is picsart app safe?

Picsart is a photo and video editing app. What do you think is a picsart app is safe?
It’s not only for photo and video editing but there is a huge community of picsart which are sharing different videos and pictures.
If your kid is underage there may be some data which is not appropriate for your kid.
If your child is only using it for editing then it’s safe and remove all the images from the app so no one can share or edit their photos.

Other Ways to Take Screenshots

The general method of taking screenshot on android by pressing power and volume down key but sometime it’s hard to take exact screenshot you can use the following method
Google assistant method to know how to take screenshot in restricted apps android.

Google Assistant

Step 1 :Enable Screenshot in Google Search

In order to take screenshot with google assistant first enable screenshots from google app

  • Open google app, click on your profile picture and click on the general icon.
  • From the general icon click google assistant.
  • Allow screen context.

By following these steps now you can take a screenshot using Google assistant.

Step 2:

  • Open the app in which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Press and hold home button for sometime by holding home button google assistant is launched.
  • Screenshot taken with the google assistant is not going to save in the gallery. After taking a screenshot you can share your photo or you can save on your google drive.


Many of the data on your mobile which you can’t save or download due to many restrictions by apps or their policies not allowing users to download or screenshot their data so you can use the following ways how to ss on PicsArt or how to take screenshot in restricted apps android .

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