Picsart Vs Canva | Which Online Editor is Best in 2023

Picsart Vs Canva

Features Picsart Canva
PicsArt is an easy user-friendly photo editing tool where you can create amazing photos using tools.Canva is a designing tool providing a huge collection of templates.
Price plains

Gold $4.466/month
61% saving on yearly plan

$79.44 5/year % saving
Canva pro
$54.99 for 1 year

For 5 peopleπŸ™β€β™‚οΈ
Customer Careβœ”βœ”
WatermarkLarge watermark covers whole photo.Water mark on photo in pro version.
Cost free7 days free trial.Free without pro features.
ManagementEasyEasy to handle
User interfacesimpleComplex
Social sharingβœ”βœ”
Audio templateβŒβœ”
Supported platformSaaS iPhone iPad Android MacBookSaaS iPhone iPad Android MacBook
AppsAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
User authenticationNo verification 2 factor authentication
Upload optionYou can upload photos and videos for editing.
Free Filters and Templatesβœ”βœ”
StrengthEasy to manage
Availability of high quality templates
Single user interface
Drag and drop.
No switching between different tabs.
Huge animation audio photos resources
WeaknessMobile app is not much friendly.Limitation in the free version.
Final thoughtsIf you are in the learning phase then picsart is best for you because its interface is very easy.Canva is for the professionals.
Picsart vs Canva

PicsArt and Canva both are graphic and basic photo editing tools having some free and premium versions. You can add effects, create png ,stickers, collage blur background .With PicsArt and Canva you can create unique images and thumbnails of Summertime Saga APK, Ludo star etc.

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